Saturday, November 14, 2009

In the movie 300, was the queen raped?

My friend and I are having a debate about the movie 300. At the part where the guy from the council goes to see the queen at night (while her husband was gone), was she raped, or did she consent? I say she was raped, but my friend says she wasn't. Someone help us decide! =] lol

In the movie 300, was the queen raped?
i think no
Reply:she let him so he would help out her husband witch he didn't at the end
Reply:She was raped...she just didn't do anything about it because she was trying to save her husband..but in the end it turned out that the guys she was raped by would have never helped convince to send the army..and that is why she killed him.
Reply:She did give consent in a way, but she was forced into giving consent, so yes I would say she was raped.
Reply:she was spartared
Reply:Yes, but for political reasons she went along.
Reply:From a legal point of view, it was not an act of rape. To make it simple, ask this question: Would the guy proceeded with the act if the Queen said no? If he would have done it anyway, then it's rape. If he would desist from doing so, then it's not. The element of consent is material in the act of rape. Granting that she was forced by circumstances, if the guy would not have done it if she would have said no, then there is no rape as she agreed to do it
Reply:she was. the guy threatened her with a sword too, but then she got back at him
Reply:she was raped, he forced her have sex with him by promising to help her with the senate
Reply:No, she wasn't raped. She offered herself, to counsel members to help her husband. This was her choice. She did not have to do this.

And this is where the movie didn't make any sense, cause she is a Queen, why didn't she just order them to help her husband. Beats me.
Reply:RAPED !!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:No, she wasn't raped. The queen felt the only way that the council would listen to her pleas was to sleep with the councilmember. She only did it to save her country and husband from certain death by the persians.
Reply:oh yea, she was raped fo sure.
Reply:I would say yes, but is there such a thing as rape consent? She did it for the people, and she wanted the rest of the army to go, so if she complied, she thought she would have her way and that he would send off the troops, or convince the council. So....raped, I would say yes because she didn't really want it.

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Reply:i think she was raped
Reply:Both sorta, she didn't enjoy any second of it and he basically took advantage of her. However, she was kinda willing to get raped in exchange for whatever he had control of.

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  1. It was a deal. I _would_ consider taking advantage of the sitaution; sexual interest wasn't the main aspect additionally to the rather violent behaviour. I think she would not be "rapeable". Look at her.